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Designed to make your business as simple as possible.


How to easily track customer, recording all activities that were done to her? Never miss to give client a call, send him email or meet with him. Manage contact information and clearly sort activities by date using calendars.


Increase open rate using personalization, decrease spam rate of your mass emails, resend emails with unsuccessful delivery and set desired hour of individual email sending using this effective solution.


Show orders for your products and create offers based on your price list. Use discounts and encourage customers to buy your product. System enables also creation of warehouse orders and credit notes.


Manage bills, export them or set client budgets that enable easy paying, especially in B2B sector. Use email payment reminders, adjusted to level of payment process to effectively reduce unpaid bills.


Car leasing, salaries, rents, other costs ... Every operation, investment and financing that use cash can be really useful to discern trends in business performance.


Search criteria helps you identify specific company contacts that you can export with a few simple clicks. System enables to delete some values that you do not need. There are several formats in which you can export data.


Easily track and analyze effective and idle time of your employees to increase productivity. Measure the time of breaks during work time, compute the attendance or use vacation system with control of the employer.


Report offers, opportunities, orders, product orders, product rows and users in accordance with desired parameters and use this reports for analyzing numbers of orders and effectiveness of sales.



Manage different users of your company with allocating them different scale of management rights, according to their position in the company, sales team, division or other institution.


Business opportunities are strongly connected to actions determine percentage of their success. When the opportunity is lost, there is required a reason. It is also possible to prioritize opportunities.


Categorization of clients is useful either for searching or for sending emails. It is possible to create categories based on different parameters: economic activity, type of business or other.


Feature enables sales team to see all activities that were done to specific client or customer till the moment he got him and also exchange clients between team to increase dynamics of a work.


Project sheets with milestones, deadlines, tasks and priorities, required to complete project. Show what was done on project, direct costs for supplier and the list of deliveries to customer.


3G connection with battery, all functionality of Snazzy Bee, multiple POS printers with different user rights for each POS fiskal printer, order of POS fiskal printerover T-Mobile as 2 year plan to save initial costs for POS fiskal printer.


Share database with multiple companies. If more companies needs information about client regarding different activities it is really useful to use this feature that also imports data from internet.


Overview history of user or company including data from calendar that can be directly connected to phone. Decrease time of managing sales by sales manager who can check data anywhere anytime.




Satisfied Customers

Spolupráca so SnazzyBee na projekte systému skladového hospodárstva, ako aj jeho prepojenia s existujúcou platformou online obchodu a fiškálnou pokladňou bola od začiatku neľahkou výzvou. Na prístupe firmy si osobitne vážim nielen ich promptnosť a schopnosť profesionálne riešiť menšie alebo väčšie výzvy s implementáciou systému spojené, ale najmä proaktívny prístup pri navrhovaní rozšírenia, prípadne zmien systému tak, aby spĺňali nielen naše základné požiadavky, ale aby zároveň šetrili čas i náklady našej spoločnosti. Osobitne si cením najmä schopnosť promptne zapracovať potrebné zmeny a rovnako reagovať aj na potreby iných dodávateľov, ktorí sa na komplexnej implemntácii systému podieľali. Spoluprácu s firmou odporúčam jednoznačne každému, kto hľadá na Slovensku dodávateľa kvalitných a spoľahlivých služieb.

Zinzin - concept store

Marián Kočisík, CEO

If a small company is flexible and offer a quality, this company has a chance at labour market. In addıtıon when company is able to react for the requirements of the labour market, fast adapt and ability to change the product / service ıs the way how suits to the clients. In the same way the company also has to firstly be good leaded and secondly don’t lose any important information or data. And this is what can be solved by SnazzyBee. Behind our ideas are standing skilled people also all processes are connected with this solution.

In Form Slovakia

Erika Jankajová, CEO

I’m an executive manager in the company RoWe Services, spol. s r.o., which is long time active at the labour market. Because we didnt want make our internal system by the "trial – error" method, we were looking for a profesionals, which could satisfy our requirements for making and affordable and functional solution for our business. After negotiation with companies and testing more options, we choosed SnazzyBee as the best and unique company for manageing our database. This company is for a several years offering us a inovative solutions, which we sucsessfully implement. The big satisfaction, we recommend

Rowe Services

Roman Weidinger, CEO

Our dynamically developing company provides innovative solutions and consulting in the field of nutrition, plant protection and biostimulation. We use Snazzy Bee in order to manage cash flow, invoices and orders. 


Shell operates in Slovakia in various areas. Now nobody can not imagine Slovak market without Shell petrol stations, an extensive range of automotive and industrial oils and lubricants and other petrochemical products. Shell Slovakia uses Snazzy Bee CRM, financial and project management module.

Shell Slovakia

SnazzyBee helped us get rid of the messages and offers in Excel. SnazzyBee has bringed others positive effects, like better control of manufacturing process, simplified billing. From the management side is very pleasant the option of instant statistics, whether during the working day or also at weekend, because the stuff are at cloud. We see the space for development others useful functions, like for example online tracking the storage of material inputs, or instant email or sms comunication with the costumer acording to the status of his order. SnazzyBee is helping us to make our Tuli bussines better.


Martin Guttman, CEO

Our company since 2008 using Snazzy Bees features. For us the most usefull part is Project Management.



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